Home is just base camp

I’ve hiked thousands of miles in the American West, Alaska, the Northeast and parts of Canada. I’ve photographed polar bears up close in the remote Canadian Arctic, lived out a hurricane in the Great Bear Rainforest, camped on tribal land as guest of the Penobscot Indian Nation, had a mountain lion growl at me deep in a California canyon and a grizzly bear stop 10 feet from me in Alaska. Oh, and I avoided a bite from a western diamondback rattlesnake by two inches. 

A native New Yorker, I lived in Southern California for 25 years before relocating to Maine. It's important for me to travel, explore and engage with the world. Being in the field gives me a connection with the land and the wildlife that inhabit it.

My photography appears in editorial and commercial use, as well as juried gallery shows and exhibits. I am proud to be included in the prestigious 2017 Maine Photography Show. Previous shows have included "The heART of Photography" exhibit sponsored by the Maine Professional Photographers Association, as well as the 1650 Gallery and Sturt Haaga Gallery,  both in Los Angeles.

To better inform my writing and photography, I read science journals and communicate regularly with climate scientists, wildlife biologists, major NGOs, authors, filmmakers and academics. But I also talk to lobstermen, hunters, Inuit and Native American friends, park rangers, explorers and others who face environmental issues on the ground, every day. 

I've been traveling since I was old enough to get on the subway and I've never stopped.