Portage Glacier, Alaska

Portage Glacier, Alaska

Mission Statement

The world around us is changing. Sea levels are rising, extreme drought plagues the American West, and extreme weather events occur with increasing frequency. All of the glaciers within Glacier National Park could be gone by 2030. The Audubon Society has identified 314 North American bird species threatened by climate change. Scientists predict that the Napa Valley wine-growing region will have to move north. 

All my life has been lived along one coast or another. I’m sensitive to the critical importance of water: it gives life but floods and storms can destroy; without it, the land turns brown and life ebbs. 

My photography is meant as art, but I am also an environmental journalist and writer. Thus, while I focus on the beauty of our wildlife, our coastlines and our landscapes, I am also documenting a world that may look very different 50 or 100 years from now. My mission as a photographer is to bring the beauty that I see to others, so that they may enjoy the natural world and gain an appreciation of our place in a vibrant planet teeming with life. My mission as a writer is to communicate the story of this century: climate change and the environment we all live in.

We know that our world faces challenges. Yet, there are scientists, entrepreneurs and companies working on solutions. In my career, I have worked on environmental products including fuel cell, electric and hybrid vehicles, and I have worked to support public transportation. Together, we can help assure that future generations can see, experience and photograph a healthy planet.